Monday, March 15, 2010

Back in the Game litterally I mean giveaway Game of course

I promised myself I'd start posting more this year so here's my 1st post of 2010 and what better way to kick it off then the ever popular Topps 80's Bipping to collectors. O.K. I'll try to be nice it's my first post I'll start getting back into my sarcasm soon. Anyway here they are my 6 and hopefully my last if I can actually walk past that isle and REALLY want another code. I think it's the kid in me LOL. Let me know what you think of these versus the other hits you have seen out there. I know there not worth much. ( of few of these guys have impressive stats if not some memerable moments) I actually thought the Bandido ( as they were young) which was in some set not that long ago if I remember correctly. check em out and if you want them let me know. Thanks for reading and get on my blog ( follow it however it works?) and I'll get on yours of course.