Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Here's my 3 hits from a hobby box of 08 SP Authentics. The Votto's not bad at all pretty nice card Except it's #'D /999 the highest Possible hit. As far as the others I'm not a huge Pirates or Giants fan But I'm pretty sure Steve Holm is not a great R/C jersey auto pull and a By the letter of #/50 of Tom Gorzelanny? no offense but Why do they make such low numbered By the #'s hits of (I'm sorry and someone can correct me if I'm wrong An irrelavent player and certainly as far as collecting is concerned) anyone one who's trying to put together The I in Pirates? (I'm assuming that's it cuz its not his name) let me know it's urs as well as any Steve holm fans. Overall not bad I got a by the #'s card regardless and two R/C Jersy auto's so I can't complain too much . The Base and Match ups were not all that bad only one Duplicate and that was a Jeter ( even though I'm not a fan) But not one Griffey or Ichiro card ? no mariners at all. any way enjoy the pics and thanks for reading

Please help a fellow blogger on selling on EBAY

Iv'e been recently pondering how to sell some of my cards on ebay. I was thinking about going in the sell in the lot direction. I recently sold a lot of celtics cards which included 4 GU'S and 2 legends auto's of Parish and Arnie Risen. I ended up only getting $18 for the lot which included some reaaly good cards the point is the two Auto's woul'd have sold for more then the whole lot did but I did'nt put a reserve on it and ended up going out of town before I could end the lot sale or extend it. In all of your opinions the single's ( no Clue ) I have that are auto or jersey auto'd. Is selling in lots by teams a good idea? y product,player,ETC... ? just looking for a little deedback before I go out and sell blindly and get screwed. I do realize it's a buyers market and I'm taking that into account and I don't sell at BV ( like some idiots). But I'm just looking at getting a fair value for some pretty good cards. Hell I'm not even sure what the rule of thumb is as far as BV VS. ebay sales 20%? lesss ? I'm selling just to get a few xtra bucks and possible get some singles off ebay I want an maybe some hobby boxes from 09'. Thanks for all of your help if you respond I'd appreciate it. Grant

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Kmart blaster the jokes on me! have to read

K all the posings of the good deal on blaster and before I start ( I was worned by a blogger the math did'nt work) so this is m stupid curiosity heres what I gat 4 boxes of 07 Baseball Masterpieces/ wto boxes of 07 futures stars two boxes of Icons footbal heres what I pulled

07 masterpiece one greenn bordered lincicum and some decent rookies
07 future stares NOTHING but 1 Micah parallel
08 icons footbal NOTHING

this was around #75 give or take great price for 8 blasters no not one hit I could'd have bought a hobby box down the street and got at least three hits of something! lesson learned. I'm a glutant for punishment though ( it's that oh great dea gotta get it now before they run out syndrme sum of have!) Sad lots of trade bait I guess since I did get every decent masterpiece rookie. Grant old school pack buster