Friday, February 27, 2009

Nice little pull out of a blaster!

I was suprised to find this in a blaster yesterday Iv'e been waiting for the 09's and grabbed the last box of UH'S to bust something. Iv'e never pulled a relic or auto out of ths set but I like it for the price so Iv'e picked some up here and there lately. Thanks for reading anyone interested in this one LMK. Grant

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

WFT does Ryan have to do to make becketts standards?

My freind called me all excited about this apperent huge increase fior his Joba gold topps UH 313 I was like cool check ryan brauns topps chrome copper 113 guess what? not in there? Why .324 in 07 ROY 34 homers an not a bad 08' Via the all-starting position ? 5 awards in 07 2 in 08'. If he was an FN yankee ( sorry) he'd be in beckett and BTW FUC* beckett and the fucknut publishers they rode in on. Yes chris I said it. Please respond and don't include ur FN resume does not impress me. just keep rookies and Jeter in ur mag ul be fine. Grant

Monday, February 23, 2009

Griffey clean or not? Thats the ?

Only two days left to vote in Jr'S clean or not if so he's quite possible one of the best in our ERA! ( but I'm biased and I voted twice for clean) I'm just dying to know what all of you think about this without the damn injuries 600 would have past a log tme ago. Shoe in for the HOF? LMK. Grant check the bottom of my page to vote... thanks for taking the time and thanksto the bloggers on the right for supporting my blog.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thank you Ken Griffey Jr.

My day could not have been better, got an auto out of stadium club buying two packs of Masahide Kobayashi then hearing that my favorite player is coming back to where I watched him play and become one of the most respected players in my eyes back in Seattle! What can I say I'm just happy, I was also worried that some jackass would take away the franchsise ( like the sonics ) from a town that adore's thier teams. where some of the most underated players come from the Pacific northwest, curse I guess. anyway I love it. sorry to the Atlanta fans, but griffey belongs here, just my humble opinion can't wait to get that 1st card back in the M's uniform hopefully in a throwback pitchfork design but now I'm dreaming. Grant

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Please help my blog grow!

I just got back into colecting from the 80'S-91. about a year ago I started again and this blogging is great if any of you could help me grow my blog Id appreciate it I encourage you to disagree just as much as if you agree with me and no topic is off limits! thanks for hping out as I am trying to learn about all this and many of you have more to offer me as I have to offer you. Of cousre I will add your blog to my favororites if you subscibe the more we all have the better.

Sincerely, Grant -

Monday, February 16, 2009

Box break 08' Leaf Rookies and Stars

Got a good price on this box so I picked it up and it came in today. I'm just ganna list the Rookies and paralles so this should'nt take long!

RC'S base 4 total out of a hobby box FCKG sweet
#'d 999 will franklin/craig stevens/Curtis Lofton/Erin Henderson ?

Sleve slaton cross training #'D to 1,000 LOL
Darren McFadden Studio Rookies #'D to 1,000 LOL
Vince young gold stars awsome a lower numered card at 500!
Tim hightower RC #'D 249 its getting better
John Kitna #'D to 249
Derk anderson #'D to 99
and a Deven hester #'D to 49

1st hit. A redemptiom for a Kenny Phillips auto #'D to 99
Malcome Kelly jersey # to 250 freshman orientation
Joe Flacco cross training jersey #d to 250
and a Laveranues coles jersey #'D 10/10 ! woo hoo

I don't even know what to say about this box! anyone intersted in a laveranues coles jersey 10/10 let me know!

thanks for reading I'm not buying any Leaf anymore nor do I remember Y I did in the 1st place but the cole card is good looking I'm not a giants or Jets fan so this box was not for me. I'll just bash Beckett for awhile and I'll feel better.

08'-09' topps hardwood break 2/16

just got in my 1st hoby box of the year of 08'-09' topps hardwood. I decided on this product I suppose because of the low case output and the look of the cards. The overall product in my opinion is pretty good I liked the feel of the cards good standard base cards and the parallels are pretty good looking. This could be a hit or miss product since well probably not see another set of these or any other NBA licenced product next year I don't know how well the set will do? Here's a run down of what I got. No so called Mojo hits ( I will never use that word again!) but some nice hits from a over all good product.

Base - not one duplicate good range of players

celtics fans would like this box - Pierce/allen/garnett/bird/russell all base
Iverson/Roy/nash/Gervan&duncan back to back/Durant/paul & same other notables

Rookie base #'D to 2009

Love/chalmers/B lopez/ R. lopez/Rudy Fernandez/speights/ B. Rush/westbrood/ J thompson/gallinari/augustin/hibbert/randolph/Rose/Beasley/Mayo/Bayless that covers the top ten I think LOL.

Parallels #'D to 299 RC'S Chalmers/Rose/Alexander
Vets & current G. Wallace/Isiah thomas/D. Williams/E. Curry/R. Lewis/

Paralles #'D to 175 RC's B. Rush/Koufos/David West
vet Isiah thomas

Mahogany #D to 75 Rudy Fernandez RC : ) / Mike connely / David Robinson : )

The Hits?

Two Relics #'D to 175 Chauncey Billups & Kevin Garnett

and the Auto 33/39 Sam perkins

Not any huge hits but I liked the Auto from Perkins from his sonics days, I got all of my blazers except oden which I might but off ebay since this product is going up in price.

let me know what you think and if there's anything you like thanks for reading. Grant

Friday, February 13, 2009

RAZOR oval office Criminal act!

I just posted this in regards to the GW pull out of Razor ( detroy history) oval offive #1 who FN pays 2400+ a pack for these? # 2 how may documents are being destroyed by this?

With all these icons of american history auto’s being put into baseball cards just shows that money rules and I hope that when all of these are put out the people buying these understand that their value will diminish, It’s sad. things like this belong in musuems not in basball cards. If your goinng to spend $2,000.00+ for a card I guess I’m happy you got a good one beings these documents the auto's are on that have been destroyed for a hobby card don't get me wrong their out there so if you pull one and actually get your $'s worth good for you but I dont think people in general realize these cards will not sell for what they think they might. Grant

Steriods! please tell me Griifeys clean!

Basically as a youngster until now my generation of basball card collecting and baseball in general is tarnished or is it? If every star player was proven to be on whatever enhancing drugs are out there would it null the cheating effect? If any old time player was asked if they would have used these in the game if others were to stay stars do you think they had such a moral high ground lift then the players now? No, they did'nt In fact all of out former HOF players could have easily used methamphetamines ETC.. Not that they did but a thought. I feel cheated because of how history will probably look at this generation of players and the fans who worshiped them. On a final note My favorite player is Ken Griifey JR. and I hope to god he isn't liked to any of the allegations the man had to many years taken away by injuries in my opinion to be on any steriods hence the long rehabilition from those injuries. As this arod thing hit I'm just not sure how to think about all of this. Grant

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

your opinions 08/09' topps VS. UD basketball

wanted to get your opinion between the 08-09 upper deck Basketbak and the 08-09 topps
I love the photography on the topps and the 58' versions are nice. I could do without in the genes and the massive duplicates Iv'e been getting. For the upper deck I'm glad they went with an all photo card with no destractions I'm not impressed with the true talents inserts at all. I think the topps has more to offer as far as Auto's. Any input would be great hope you all get those pulls your dreaming about!. Grant

another discusting box break from Beckett

This ones topps tripple threads and forgive me if I get the print run wrong I'm just getting more pissed at this BS beckett and the Manf. ( WE KEEP IN BUSINESS! ) Joe montana 4 rings 6 watch #'d 1 out of 6 !! / aikman triple swatch #'d 3/17 /Avery Prime RC 3 swatch auto #'d to 25 / dustin keller prime R/C 3 swatch #'d to 89 / and a 1of 1 T.J yellow preinting plate. and this break is a lot better worse then some of the cards they pulled preciously remember were not going to get these cards and their hand selectcted to got to beckett. there's are a lot of us fed up with this I wont by these high end prducts or beckett bcuz it's worthless just watch how mucjh more they calue that montana card!. this is serious and anyone who is concerned way in lets all work together to stop this immoral theft of our cards and the nazi like push becketts puling.