Friday, August 7, 2009

ESPN writer Paul Lukas thinks collectors are fat and nerdy

I ran into this story By Paul lukas about the national and thought I'd share it. Some of his statements really stood out to me. " a bunch of old fat guys" The lack of women ( I guess he was looking for a women to stalk ) and his pre comcieved notion that all collectors are nerdy ugly ETC... I only say this becuase Pauls writing sucks and he really needs to take a look in the mirror just have a look at the link and his pic. I understand the guys probably a Virgin an that's cool but I really felt like his whole point was to down collectors though out his article. And thanks ESPN for letting your writer refer to collectors in the way this funny looking little guy did. Here's another great qoute

"But most of the collectors at the National didn't appear to have experienced that epiphany. This was especially true of the baseball card collectors (by far the largest contingent of attendees), a disturbing percentage of whom seemed to fit all the worst collector stereotypes: nerdy, overweight, socially awkward. As I watched these guys -- and believe me, all of them were guys "


  1. To be fair, he also said this:

    "I'm not knocking collectors, mind you. I collect all sorts of old stuff myself, including bowling-themed beer ads, salesman sample catalogs and coin-operated gadgets (yes, it works). So I'm speaking from experience when I say the key to a happy collecting life is the moment when you accept that you can never collect everything in a given category, because there will always be at least one thing out there that you can't afford, can't find or don't know about. The feeling of completism will always be out of reach. Once you admit that to yourself, the world becomes a fun museum and you can cherry-pick some nice items that push your buttons without the pressure of having to acquire all of them."

    And he's right - some collector's take this hobby WAAAAAYYY too seriously and look kinda funny! It's in jest, but he does have a tendency to think too highly of himself, and has a "his-word-is-gospel" type attitude.

  2. I did agree with that part of it I just thought the article could have been written with out the emphasis on the stereo typing. I just thought it was funny he mentioned there were so many men I mean it's a sports show? what did he expect the porn convention in Las Vegas?

  3. RIght, I get where you're coming from. It is what it is. I mean, Lukas is obsessive over uniforms!! That's a little bit more "out there" than card collecting, in my opinion.

    And you're exactly right about there being so many men in attendance... gee, ya think? But go to a baby expo and tell me the ration of women-to-men. It's outta control. Or a scrapbook fair. We each have our hobbies to kill free time. Is card collecting "weird"? I suppose it can be viewed that way, but so can coin collecting, stamp collecting, bear collecting, stamp collecting, scrap booking, knitting, and on and on.