Monday, July 20, 2009

Colby Rasmus doing his thing!

I'm sorry, I seen this pic and I could not help myself. Apparently Colby Rasmus did not get far enough into the Ivory at Fenway to do his business so he just went ahead and let loose right there on the Field! Now that my freinds is dedication! a promising young man who doesn't care about anything by making sure he stays in the outfield even if he can't hold it any longer. BTW my 5 year old daughter seen this pic and said "Daddy it looks like he's going poop!" so I'm not the only one that thought this right off the bat! And I have the finest redemption #5 of him then seen this pic and got way off topic! Now did he catch that ball while doing this ? that's the real ? Grant

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  1. this isn't Fenway park its wrigley field, also its Ivy not ivory, ivory is what fingernails and elephant tusks are mad out of so i really doubt that fenway park has a wall made of fingernails