Sunday, July 5, 2009

$ 3 K hand made Ichiro card, lets just start making our own cards!

I know I'm very low on the totum pole in the blogging world but I couldn't help but to get some feeback on this. As a Mariners fan a ran into this on Ebay

ONE OF A KINDICHIRO SUZUKI PATCH AUTOLegendary MilestonesHonoring his all-time MLB single season hit record of 262 hits in 2004.See back of card for his other great accomplishments # 1 / 1This is a custom made card from one of the famous members on It is made of card stock and same dimensions as a standard baseball card and 180pt.Card comes with PSA/DNA and Mill Creek holo and original card used to make it.Email for questions BUT IT NOW $3.,000 ?
I may get this wrong but this is a sweet spot Auto ball ? ( or is it cut from the Baseball that's pictured. , a topps sterling Patch Not sure what's going on with that box that shoved into the card with the PSA/DNA Auth. ( how is this certified at all? ) Of course it's a 1/1 it's hand made right? I applaud the actually effort this took But 3 Grand? I'm sure everyone's gonna nail me on this but couldn't help but to ask why in gods name are you asking 3k for this card? A Ichiro signed ball and a Sterling 3 patch that you put together. Once again great work on the card I mean I really like it and would buy it since I'm a huge lifetime fan of the Mariners but at that price? If you sell that for 3K I'm in the wrong business. Again nothing against freedomcardbaord or whoever made this cool card great idea. But This gives me nightmares of everyone cutting up signed baseballs and really nice cards to make thier own on sell on ebay at a 1000% mark up ( 2 each his own I guess). it's a great idea just not in my budget or taste. Let me know how that sale goes. Keep in mind I'm new to blogging Ebay ETC.. I quit collecting in the MID 90's and started in 1982. Maybe I'm just old school and out of the loop of what's considered a good card, I just can't help buyt to think what I could get my hands on for 3 Grand. And for the few of you who read my post or iv sent cards to, you know I'm fair and don't get into bashing anyone. This one just floored me, so feel free to bash away if you like. I'd love to hear your thoughts and justification for this! Grant


  1. that's the damndest thing I've seen. i believe there is a market for this type of thing, (Goose Joak, Punk Rock, etc...) but $3000??? Not a chance.
    As the manufacturers continue to disappoint us, I think we'll see more and more of this...

  2. It's an outrageous price but I think he was just fishing to see if anyone would pay that high.

  3. I totally agree great Idea I just could'nt never get myself to tear up an Ichiro or a Griffey any Mariners cards for that matter to try and make my won card. He obviously knows what he's doing excepth the box that holds the PSA/DNA code that gives the card a homemade look the rest of the card looks cool. As far a the price I don't think it will sell for over $300 but you never know someone might realy like Ichiro or even think this is a real card put out by topps. Look at all that patches that were fakes that sold... Scary. Not to say at all this is the same case becuase he clearly states it is a MADE card. Grant

  4. Interesting Frankencard. A bit too busy for my taste. And a bit too rich for my wallet.

    I'm still interested in that Tony Gwynn GU Jersey card. The stained one.

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