Thursday, June 11, 2009

A good day to collect

Have'nt figured out pic placemnt obviously !

Yesterday I went ahead and bought a hobby of Bowman's to scratch my itch for a hobby box and grabbed a few packs of Donruss elite just Because. Some of you might know I've been interested in getting a few Greg Halman cards off of Ebay for my Mariners collection and I like this guys potential if he gets A little more patience with the bat. I was really surprised when in my last pack out of the Box I pulled a Halman WBC Red refractor /5 ! What are the chances? I knew for a fact the chances of me pulling a Halman out of a box myself were virtually impossible except for a base card so you could imagine my surprise and how wrong I was! ( on top of that I won a Bowman auto on EBAY for $8.50 which is pretty good ) Out of the box I also pulled only 3 base oranges 2 xfractor chromes and 2 reg refractor chromes. A lot of Blue base refractors though. The Auto's were A Base Travis D'Arnaud, Josh Lindlom Chrome and a Aaron Cunningham base R/C not to bad of a box considering the luck I've had. Out of the two pack of Elite I pulled an Aspirations Rookie Rafeal Rodriguez Crazy cut card Auto Numbered to /25 What a great looking card! So any of you Giants fan let me know I'll hook you up with this one. My scanner killed the Halman it just doesn't show how great this card looks! This brings me to my next point. I had sent out a few packages to some fellow collectors and they let me know some stuff was headed my way, When I send cards out I really don't expect much in return but it looks like for the I'll be getting my first Mal day to post about and I'm really excited Thanks Waxoholic and Dave for posting what I sent out you guys are great and collectors can learn a lesson that is this when we can get together and send out some cards that we have and don't care to much about why not reach out to a guy who's gonna cherish those cards! With Ebay selling cards for nothing I'd rather them end up in the hands of a true collector that appreciates his team collection. And you may be surprised as to what you get back in return. Anyway Enjoy the pics And let me know if any ones interested in the hits. Thanks for reading. Grant Old school pack buster


  1. Congrats on the Halman pull. I pulled one the other day too. So, that means there are 3 more out there.

  2. Your kidding! wow wat are the chances? Are you a Mariners fan? I really like halmans Game, He's definetly got a lot of Power some speed I think if he gets a little more patient and smart at the plate ( hopefully gets some help from the Veterans on the team) he'll become an above average player if not more with that natural pwer he already has. I'm not sure about the other auto's I pulled as I just got back into the hobby last year after stoppong in 1991 or so. Thanks for the comment do you have a blog I can check out? Grant

  3. I forgot to mention this was a HTA jumbo box I'm not that lucky to get 3 auto's or a hot box! LOL at least not yet. The downside I seen in this box was the lack of refractors and please correct if you think this came out around average here are the total refractors/Parallels I pulled 2 regular chrome ref. 2 chrome Xfractors /299 1 Red ref. #/5 9 blue base parallels /500 3 orange base Paralles let me know yor opinion of this box as far as hits and the amount of parallels and refractors. I would think a hobby jumbo would have had a few more parallels and refractors out of 12 packs of 32 cards. Grant