Monday, May 18, 2009

MY personall EBAY nightmare

Thanks Guys. with my current 110390302610 listing of the 2 topps 09' sp's and the 6 bonus cards that have a book value of around $160 ( and no I don't go off of beckett! or expect anywhere close to that price at all! ) I feel like giving up it seems as if people have their freinds bid up Items ( or maybe not ) and I don't have that luxury or the Ebay knowledge I need right now to basically give these cards away even though I am fully aware of the market drop in cards on Ebay selling of cards and having to pay for shipping in the end is too much for this collector. I do appreciate the help! maybe thia is not happening but Items are selling on ebay and the same Items IV'e listed are not I don't know what I'm doing wrong? I'm posting this for any input bad or good! Thanks,Grant


  1. I am unsure of what you're asking help on. Are you saying your cards should be bringing more considering similar auctions? If so, then I understand, but there is not a whole lot you can do other than make sure you have labeled everything correctly.

    You might want to show another picture though of your extras as some of those sound really cool, but they get lost in the shuffle when the buyer can't see them.

    Another thought is to include the player names in your top description. I would put '2009 Topps Short Print Sabathia, Obama!' Or something like that.

    Best of luck.

  2. Yes that makes complete sense. And that is what I'm looking for as a newby at ebay selling I can use all the help I can get. I guess what I was getting at was I see the same cards Iv'e sold go for more from other auctons. I sure appreciate the information thanks Voluntarheel!