Sunday, May 17, 2009

Is it worth Putting on EBAY? Or just hold on to it?

Just pulled this Eric Gordon Relic out of a hardwood box ( probably my best looking patch yet out of hardwood) ( the auto was Elvin Hayes #'D /19) it's Numbered to /25 and has a 3 colored patch with a lot of stitching. Looks like it came out of a letter I guess. And if I was to put it on Ebay what do you guys think it would go for or should I put a buy it now price on it. I have'nt had any luck with Ebay IV'e been giving SP'S away!
? Thanks for any help, Grant


  1. do a search on ebay for completed listings for this card, and other comparable patches from the same set.
    this should give you an idea of what they've been selling (or not selling) for.

  2. Tough Call. The captain has it right,but these patches rarely get much unless they are a big name. Sad because these are tough pulls.

  3. Thanks Guys your both right I can't find a patch like this on ebay just a standard one color so It was a tuff pull! Guess I'll hold on to it I can't see getting any value for it. I have 2 topps 09 sp's Sabathia & Obama plus 6 bonus cards including 2 logoria's a price a clemente gold refractor and a nolan ryan patch and it's not mving at all above $10 the shorrt prints are worth that alone at a minium I would think if they book at $65 for just the 2 the clemente is on ebay at a buy it now of 49.95 and 29.95 so I'm confused of why Iv;e gotten no bids? But I don't know the tricks to ebay either. Grant

  4. I'd start with 19.99 buy it now or best offer..

  5. Thanks Guys with my current 110390302610
    listing of the 2 topps 09' sp's and the 6 bonus cards that have a book value of around $160 ( and no I don't go off of beckett or expect anywhere close to that price at all) I feel like giving up it seems as if people have their freinds bid up Items ( or maybe not ) and I don't have that luxury or the Ebay knowledge I need right now to basically give these cards away even though I am fully aware of the market drop in cards on Ebay selling of cards and having to pay for shipping in the end is too much for this collector. I do appreciate the help! maybe thia is not happening but Items are selling on ebay and the same Items IV'e listed are not I don't know what I'm doing wrong? Grant