Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Possibly my best first ht of 09'

I'm posting this one as my best hit of 09' simply because it's a Mariners card and I could'nt pull a decent M'S card last year to save my life but I guess having a line up of stars yankees ETC... ( hate em! an thier billions!) anyway I pulled this pretty sweet looking 09 heritage black bordered refractor Ichiro so I thought I'd share my excitement. Looking at ebay these cards and this card are pretty hot right now I'm not sure how last years sold when they came out. But I don't think I could sell this one. Any thoughts on wif I should sell this insead of my Bowman mike Stanton propsects chrome Auto? any suggestions would beb great I might part with my Sports legends Aikman/nolan Ryan signature connects dual auto 17/25 not sure bout that one though. thanks for taking a look. thinking about putting this Douglas 5/5 on ebay but have no clue what to expect to get for it any Ideas out there? Grant

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