Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Lakers Suck and so do there fans!

Ok they really don't suck ( got your attn though) but as a Blazers fan I hate them because they are so good. On the other hand In the next few Years the tide will change in the Western Conference and I'll bet my Top 5 cards The blazers will be a Franchise that dominates the conference. possibly the league I'll go as far as saying they will make at least 1-2 appearences to the finals and win one within the next 5 Years hopefully within 3. As far as Getting past the Rockets no problem ( I hope! ) and facing the Lakers should be intersting because the Lakers Defense is not as strong against Roy and aldrige as Houston ( living of fouls) does Yoa ming ever get called for his fn flagrant hits? and then stare down Oden! If oden hit Yoa he would shatter into little bits if chow mein. . So All you Lakers fans can hate me now that's fine it's a Mutal fun loving Rivalry. Any one who's up for it and thinks the lakers will sweep the blazers and if they do I'll send you a Kobe GU'S and you can find me a Roy ( most underated player in the NBA hands down and someone plase disagree with me on that one) or aldrige or any blazer in return! so the bets are welcome I got the Kobe ready and it's buried so I don't have to look at his ugly ( One of the best player in years) FN Face all the time. LMK if anyone's game! RIP CITY Bitches! LOL Grant And BTW in all seriousness I was saddened that Mutombo had to leave the game at the Rose garden and retire He's been a joy to watch over the years even when he stole the playoffs from the Sonics now the thunderbolts or omaha tornadoes I'm not sure! Here's a PIC to remind you all how FD up you lakers fans are LMFAO! ( till I get a Giant Blazers tatooed on my arm which is god damn stupid what if I had a sonics tatoo what the F would I do now! Grant


  1. Did I mention I am a Lakers fan?

  2. LOL sorry! but IV'e watched my blazers get destroyed for to long! I can't take my deep seated hatred away tried counseling and the FN counselor was a lakers fan and screwed me up more!. I was just poking fun on my post hopefully you seen my hamless fun. does this mean I'm screwed on our finest break? LOL Grant

  3. All in good fun. There is a guy in my office that lives and breaths the Blazers. He had to swallow a bit of pride as they went down to the Rockets.

    I told him "At least you have those regular season wins against the Lakers."