Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Please help a fellow blogger on selling on EBAY

Iv'e been recently pondering how to sell some of my cards on ebay. I was thinking about going in the sell in the lot direction. I recently sold a lot of celtics cards which included 4 GU'S and 2 legends auto's of Parish and Arnie Risen. I ended up only getting $18 for the lot which included some reaaly good cards the point is the two Auto's woul'd have sold for more then the whole lot did but I did'nt put a reserve on it and ended up going out of town before I could end the lot sale or extend it. In all of your opinions the single's ( no Clue ) I have that are auto or jersey auto'd. Is selling in lots by teams a good idea? y product,player,ETC... ? just looking for a little deedback before I go out and sell blindly and get screwed. I do realize it's a buyers market and I'm taking that into account and I don't sell at BV ( like some idiots). But I'm just looking at getting a fair value for some pretty good cards. Hell I'm not even sure what the rule of thumb is as far as BV VS. ebay sales 20%? lesss ? I'm selling just to get a few xtra bucks and possible get some singles off ebay I want an maybe some hobby boxes from 09'. Thanks for all of your help if you respond I'd appreciate it. Grant


  1. For the most part unless they are total worthless autos it always will yield a better return to sell individually. The downside is more insertion fees, paypal fees, etc. and the extra time it takes.

    Lots are usually good for trying to sell a bunch of marginal cards together as a lot that might not sell individually.

    Just my thoughts

  2. As a player collector, I wouldn't buy a team lot unless I'm getting the whole lot for the same price or less than a single.

    If I want an Olajuwon card, I'm not paying extra for Yao or McGrady because I have no interest in them.

  3. Thanks Gellman that's one the mistakes I made on the celtics Including that Parish cut auto and the Arnie Risen auto. Thanks for the input it's appreciated. You rady for tose Vikings cards I had ready for you thre still here waiting for you and the Orange refractor Petersonsays it's ready to come home. ( K i'm losing it ) forgive my I just busted a boz of SP baseball and got kid of F'D!. Thanks for the input I got an Aikman/Nolal Ryan legends connection auto I'm gonna sell individually. Course having a Rangers Cowboy lot would be FN idiotic of meanyway. See how lost I am today well most the time. Grant

  4. NTX, Good point never thought of that one as I was Builing the lots I just figured if you liked a team enough a team lot might be a good idea if you had an array of past and present players in the lot. But I see your point. Thanks for the response. Grant

  5. Grant-

    This is actually Holy Hitter, one of the contributors to Gellman's blog.

  6. Oh, Sorry bout that I'm a little new to the forums! I'll add your clog to my list as well thanksfor the response! I don't get to much traffic or responses on my blog and I'm trying to reach out a little to get to know everyone. Since I just started recollecting about a year ago I was collecting from the early eighties to around 1991 until the market became so full of new products and variations it was to much for me at the time now Im back and enjoying it as an adult but I'm way out of the loop and it like I jumped into time warp back then all we had was beckett and 1 local hobby shop. Now That hobby shop is gone and becketts a joke!! The blogs and trading, Ebay ETC.. I'm all new to and it's like a whole new world of collecting then it used to be! I feel like I'm the guyon a horse and everyone else has flying cars of the future! Grant