Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Kmart blaster the jokes on me! have to read

K all the posings of the good deal on blaster and before I start ( I was worned by a blogger the math did'nt work) so this is m stupid curiosity heres what I gat 4 boxes of 07 Baseball Masterpieces/ wto boxes of 07 futures stars two boxes of Icons footbal heres what I pulled

07 masterpiece one greenn bordered lincicum and some decent rookies
07 future stares NOTHING but 1 Micah parallel
08 icons footbal NOTHING

this was around #75 give or take great price for 8 blasters no not one hit I could'd have bought a hobby box down the street and got at least three hits of something! lesson learned. I'm a glutant for punishment though ( it's that oh great dea gotta get it now before they run out syndrme sum of have!) Sad lots of trade bait I guess since I did get every decent masterpiece rookie. Grant old school pack buster


  1. I seem to recal something about this.

  2. Was it you? I don't know but what a waste although I did hit all the R/C'S on the 07's Masterpieces. Hey you never did get back to me about where to send those 3 time warp cards out to you I'm still looking for 103/104 on the baseball. As you seen I just got 4 more boxes of 07 masterpiece baseball and I also have a lot of turkey reds 07 basball and basketball. I did'nt realize you collected basketball as well. Let me know what I gotta come up with to get a few decent Blazers or Griffey ards from ya. I'll make it worth your while. Anyway The Time warps are a good faith gift so maybe we can trade for some other cards I really need to add a griffey/ichiro/Bay/ or any Blazer Roy/Oden/Bayless/aldrige/ or any cowboys ( stabauch,dorsett ETC...) seahawks R/C J. forsett or Largent,Zorn. GU'S or auto of any. I have a lot of good cards to trade so LMK what teams and players do you like in basketball footbal or baseball prospects? ( I pulled a Bowman Mike stanton auto a while back he's getting some good reviews) gotta lot of those bowmans I would get rid of for the right card. Let me know your Time warp cards are waiting to be sent out. Grant old school pack buster Looking forward to doig some trades with you soon.

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  4. Don't feel bad Grant that happens to me all the time. Thats one of the reasons I call it The Rack Of Shame.

    Take Care,

    The Mojo Hand