Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Here's my 3 hits from a hobby box of 08 SP Authentics. The Votto's not bad at all pretty nice card Except it's #'D /999 the highest Possible hit. As far as the others I'm not a huge Pirates or Giants fan But I'm pretty sure Steve Holm is not a great R/C jersey auto pull and a By the letter of #/50 of Tom Gorzelanny? no offense but Why do they make such low numbered By the #'s hits of (I'm sorry and someone can correct me if I'm wrong An irrelavent player and certainly as far as collecting is concerned) anyone one who's trying to put together The I in Pirates? (I'm assuming that's it cuz its not his name) let me know it's urs as well as any Steve holm fans. Overall not bad I got a by the #'s card regardless and two R/C Jersy auto's so I can't complain too much . The Base and Match ups were not all that bad only one Duplicate and that was a Jeter ( even though I'm not a fan) But not one Griffey or Ichiro card ? no mariners at all. any way enjoy the pics and thanks for reading

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