Friday, February 13, 2009

Steriods! please tell me Griifeys clean!

Basically as a youngster until now my generation of basball card collecting and baseball in general is tarnished or is it? If every star player was proven to be on whatever enhancing drugs are out there would it null the cheating effect? If any old time player was asked if they would have used these in the game if others were to stay stars do you think they had such a moral high ground lift then the players now? No, they did'nt In fact all of out former HOF players could have easily used methamphetamines ETC.. Not that they did but a thought. I feel cheated because of how history will probably look at this generation of players and the fans who worshiped them. On a final note My favorite player is Ken Griifey JR. and I hope to god he isn't liked to any of the allegations the man had to many years taken away by injuries in my opinion to be on any steriods hence the long rehabilition from those injuries. As this arod thing hit I'm just not sure how to think about all of this. Grant

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