Friday, February 13, 2009

RAZOR oval office Criminal act!

I just posted this in regards to the GW pull out of Razor ( detroy history) oval offive #1 who FN pays 2400+ a pack for these? # 2 how may documents are being destroyed by this?

With all these icons of american history auto’s being put into baseball cards just shows that money rules and I hope that when all of these are put out the people buying these understand that their value will diminish, It’s sad. things like this belong in musuems not in basball cards. If your goinng to spend $2,000.00+ for a card I guess I’m happy you got a good one beings these documents the auto's are on that have been destroyed for a hobby card don't get me wrong their out there so if you pull one and actually get your $'s worth good for you but I dont think people in general realize these cards will not sell for what they think they might. Grant

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