Monday, February 16, 2009

Box break 08' Leaf Rookies and Stars

Got a good price on this box so I picked it up and it came in today. I'm just ganna list the Rookies and paralles so this should'nt take long!

RC'S base 4 total out of a hobby box FCKG sweet
#'d 999 will franklin/craig stevens/Curtis Lofton/Erin Henderson ?

Sleve slaton cross training #'D to 1,000 LOL
Darren McFadden Studio Rookies #'D to 1,000 LOL
Vince young gold stars awsome a lower numered card at 500!
Tim hightower RC #'D 249 its getting better
John Kitna #'D to 249
Derk anderson #'D to 99
and a Deven hester #'D to 49

1st hit. A redemptiom for a Kenny Phillips auto #'D to 99
Malcome Kelly jersey # to 250 freshman orientation
Joe Flacco cross training jersey #d to 250
and a Laveranues coles jersey #'D 10/10 ! woo hoo

I don't even know what to say about this box! anyone intersted in a laveranues coles jersey 10/10 let me know!

thanks for reading I'm not buying any Leaf anymore nor do I remember Y I did in the 1st place but the cole card is good looking I'm not a giants or Jets fan so this box was not for me. I'll just bash Beckett for awhile and I'll feel better.


  1. The break was okay, I mean, the Kenny Phillips wont get you much money. However, the flacco jersey isnt a bad pull, but in the future, these products are usually just a way to get busting boxes out of your system. I would try Leaf Limited, or SPA if you have the money, those are usually much better. Chrome is good if you are looking for cheap thrills, too.

  2. Thanks gellman so the cole 10/10 is wortless I though tht one was one of the better pulls. but then again what do I know? that beckett is fuckd up that all LOL. Grant