Tuesday, February 3, 2009

another discusting box break from Beckett

This ones topps tripple threads and forgive me if I get the print run wrong I'm just getting more pissed at this BS beckett and the Manf. ( WE KEEP IN BUSINESS! ) Joe montana 4 rings 6 watch #'d 1 out of 6 !! / aikman triple swatch #'d 3/17 /Avery Prime RC 3 swatch auto #'d to 25 / dustin keller prime R/C 3 swatch #'d to 89 / and a 1of 1 T.J yellow preinting plate. and this break is a lot better worse then some of the cards they pulled preciously remember were not going to get these cards and their hand selectcted to got to beckett. there's are a lot of us fed up with this I wont by these high end prducts or beckett bcuz it's worthless just watch how mucjh more they calue that montana card!. this is serious and anyone who is concerned way in lets all work together to stop this immoral theft of our cards and the nazi like push becketts puling. grantvegas247@yahoo.com

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