Monday, February 16, 2009

08'-09' topps hardwood break 2/16

just got in my 1st hoby box of the year of 08'-09' topps hardwood. I decided on this product I suppose because of the low case output and the look of the cards. The overall product in my opinion is pretty good I liked the feel of the cards good standard base cards and the parallels are pretty good looking. This could be a hit or miss product since well probably not see another set of these or any other NBA licenced product next year I don't know how well the set will do? Here's a run down of what I got. No so called Mojo hits ( I will never use that word again!) but some nice hits from a over all good product.

Base - not one duplicate good range of players

celtics fans would like this box - Pierce/allen/garnett/bird/russell all base
Iverson/Roy/nash/Gervan&duncan back to back/Durant/paul & same other notables

Rookie base #'D to 2009

Love/chalmers/B lopez/ R. lopez/Rudy Fernandez/speights/ B. Rush/westbrood/ J thompson/gallinari/augustin/hibbert/randolph/Rose/Beasley/Mayo/Bayless that covers the top ten I think LOL.

Parallels #'D to 299 RC'S Chalmers/Rose/Alexander
Vets & current G. Wallace/Isiah thomas/D. Williams/E. Curry/R. Lewis/

Paralles #'D to 175 RC's B. Rush/Koufos/David West
vet Isiah thomas

Mahogany #D to 75 Rudy Fernandez RC : ) / Mike connely / David Robinson : )

The Hits?

Two Relics #'D to 175 Chauncey Billups & Kevin Garnett

and the Auto 33/39 Sam perkins

Not any huge hits but I liked the Auto from Perkins from his sonics days, I got all of my blazers except oden which I might but off ebay since this product is going up in price.

let me know what you think and if there's anything you like thanks for reading. Grant

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