Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hello to all

Hello to all, My name is Grant I just got back into the hobby last year after collcting from 1982-1991. Just set up a blog to discuss the current state of the hobby, product reviews anything to do with the hobby. Eventually, I will be doing pack and box breaks. So feel free to start up any topics you would like to discuss and I will be writing about some issues Iv'e been intersted in as of late soon. Thanks for any responses or topics, While I'm constructing this site. Grant


  1. Welcome to the Hobby blogosphere. Your site has now been added to the Sports Card Blogroll.


    JayBee Anama

  2. Thanks James I'm still getting used to this I appreciate the addition I will add you as well I hope to get some feedback and responses going to get my blog going I'm going to be doing some pack and box breaks next week so maybe that will help. I'm still pretty shocked about the A-rod thind I'm 33 and grew up collecting maguire and canseco ETC... seems like we should be giving thanks and collecting more of the guys who are not juicing in my opinion. If I here griffey Jr. was on steroids I'll probably just give up on basball until they are all sorted out. I want to believe my favorite player Griffey has done it right I just don't know how anyone could keep up with the majority of the stars that were using? again thanks. Take care I'll start following your blog more often as I only know a few right now. Sincerely,Grant