Friday, August 7, 2009

ESPN writer Paul Lukas thinks collectors are fat and nerdy

I ran into this story By Paul lukas about the national and thought I'd share it. Some of his statements really stood out to me. " a bunch of old fat guys" The lack of women ( I guess he was looking for a women to stalk ) and his pre comcieved notion that all collectors are nerdy ugly ETC... I only say this becuase Pauls writing sucks and he really needs to take a look in the mirror just have a look at the link and his pic. I understand the guys probably a Virgin an that's cool but I really felt like his whole point was to down collectors though out his article. And thanks ESPN for letting your writer refer to collectors in the way this funny looking little guy did. Here's another great qoute

"But most of the collectors at the National didn't appear to have experienced that epiphany. This was especially true of the baseball card collectors (by far the largest contingent of attendees), a disturbing percentage of whom seemed to fit all the worst collector stereotypes: nerdy, overweight, socially awkward. As I watched these guys -- and believe me, all of them were guys "

Monday, July 20, 2009

Colby Rasmus doing his thing!

I'm sorry, I seen this pic and I could not help myself. Apparently Colby Rasmus did not get far enough into the Ivory at Fenway to do his business so he just went ahead and let loose right there on the Field! Now that my freinds is dedication! a promising young man who doesn't care about anything by making sure he stays in the outfield even if he can't hold it any longer. BTW my 5 year old daughter seen this pic and said "Daddy it looks like he's going poop!" so I'm not the only one that thought this right off the bat! And I have the finest redemption #5 of him then seen this pic and got way off topic! Now did he catch that ball while doing this ? that's the real ? Grant

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The best Fathers day gift so far Mariners game

Thought I would share my great Fathers day gift my Fiance got me. Two Tickets to the Mariners home game VS. The DBacks Is was an Awesome game the Mariners won 7-3 and it had been exactly 20 Years since I've been at a Mariners game ( mostly because I lived in Vegas for 12 years ) so when I was 13 I went to a Game VS. the Twins at the King dome which is when I first seen Junior and of course he became my favorite player along with Kirby Puckett who I really liked as well . Although he didn't play I was able to have a brief hello with him and get some good pics but on a different camera, So I'll be posting more. It was cool to think about being there 20 years later and the chances that Griffey would be back in Seattle! I have a great Women who doesn't know anything about baseball and really can't understand in her words why I collect Kids stuff ( baseball cards) But she went and this was her first game and she was louder and more excited then I was! All in all it was a great time and Thought I'd share with all of you. Thanks for checking it out. On a different topic it was really sad to see how they have let Key Arena go and the Main streets around the stadium go for those of you that know this was intentionally done after the new owner cought the Sonics he had no intention on keeping them in Seattle dumped every good player to ensure that the Thunder would have a huge budget for players. Nothing against Oklahoma City but they will never be a great team or even compare to what Seattle would have brought to the NBA given a chance by getting good players putting a little money into the stadium and the area around it. Sadly I predict the Thunder will fail miserably never get into the playoffs or last in the NBA I won't get into the details but it was an outrage to the Sonics fans and horrible for City in General and honestly one of the most Shady things Iv'e seen in sports. Grant

Sunday, July 5, 2009

$ 3 K hand made Ichiro card, lets just start making our own cards!

I know I'm very low on the totum pole in the blogging world but I couldn't help but to get some feeback on this. As a Mariners fan a ran into this on Ebay

ONE OF A KINDICHIRO SUZUKI PATCH AUTOLegendary MilestonesHonoring his all-time MLB single season hit record of 262 hits in 2004.See back of card for his other great accomplishments # 1 / 1This is a custom made card from one of the famous members on It is made of card stock and same dimensions as a standard baseball card and 180pt.Card comes with PSA/DNA and Mill Creek holo and original card used to make it.Email for questions BUT IT NOW $3.,000 ?
I may get this wrong but this is a sweet spot Auto ball ? ( or is it cut from the Baseball that's pictured. , a topps sterling Patch Not sure what's going on with that box that shoved into the card with the PSA/DNA Auth. ( how is this certified at all? ) Of course it's a 1/1 it's hand made right? I applaud the actually effort this took But 3 Grand? I'm sure everyone's gonna nail me on this but couldn't help but to ask why in gods name are you asking 3k for this card? A Ichiro signed ball and a Sterling 3 patch that you put together. Once again great work on the card I mean I really like it and would buy it since I'm a huge lifetime fan of the Mariners but at that price? If you sell that for 3K I'm in the wrong business. Again nothing against freedomcardbaord or whoever made this cool card great idea. But This gives me nightmares of everyone cutting up signed baseballs and really nice cards to make thier own on sell on ebay at a 1000% mark up ( 2 each his own I guess). it's a great idea just not in my budget or taste. Let me know how that sale goes. Keep in mind I'm new to blogging Ebay ETC.. I quit collecting in the MID 90's and started in 1982. Maybe I'm just old school and out of the loop of what's considered a good card, I just can't help buyt to think what I could get my hands on for 3 Grand. And for the few of you who read my post or iv sent cards to, you know I'm fair and don't get into bashing anyone. This one just floored me, so feel free to bash away if you like. I'd love to hear your thoughts and justification for this! Grant

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Beat the odds a great box of 09' SPX my first hot box

Got a box of SPX Yesterday so I'd Thought I'd share. The 1st card was a buyback in place of the box topper? well I opened it and saw Griffey on the back an thought Holy Shi* I got the 89' Auto! well it wasn't the auto. Still it was a very nice Exremly thick Gu's Ball. As I went through the box after pack 5 I'd already went though the Supposed hits but they kept coming. Hope you enjoy the pics. The scan of the Roberts Auto patch doesn't do it much justice It's a great looking card and again exremely thick!. I wasn't impressed with the quality of the Gu's cards some had edge and color issues. The foil cards suprisingly are very well made. Not a bad box at all, not pictured are 4 of the Dimaggio's career highlights #/425 no R/C I'm not sure if this set includes them? Overall I actualy like these cards even thugh I'm not a big fan of Foil cards. My only issue was the quality of the GU'S for the price not a bad product in my opinion. Thanks for reading and give me some feedback! Grant old school pack buster

Saturday, June 13, 2009

A REAL GU'S Jersey? Check this out!

I pulled this out of a box of 07' Masterpiece. I know most of you won't believe me but, this is actually how It came straight out of the pack of a sealed box from Adam N Dave's cardworld! I'm not sure if some guy guy at UD spilled somethig on it or they forgot to wash the Jersey? I don't know what to make of it? none of the other cards had any damage or stains ETC.. So has anyone ran into this Before? Grant

Thursday, June 11, 2009

A good day to collect

Have'nt figured out pic placemnt obviously !

Yesterday I went ahead and bought a hobby of Bowman's to scratch my itch for a hobby box and grabbed a few packs of Donruss elite just Because. Some of you might know I've been interested in getting a few Greg Halman cards off of Ebay for my Mariners collection and I like this guys potential if he gets A little more patience with the bat. I was really surprised when in my last pack out of the Box I pulled a Halman WBC Red refractor /5 ! What are the chances? I knew for a fact the chances of me pulling a Halman out of a box myself were virtually impossible except for a base card so you could imagine my surprise and how wrong I was! ( on top of that I won a Bowman auto on EBAY for $8.50 which is pretty good ) Out of the box I also pulled only 3 base oranges 2 xfractor chromes and 2 reg refractor chromes. A lot of Blue base refractors though. The Auto's were A Base Travis D'Arnaud, Josh Lindlom Chrome and a Aaron Cunningham base R/C not to bad of a box considering the luck I've had. Out of the two pack of Elite I pulled an Aspirations Rookie Rafeal Rodriguez Crazy cut card Auto Numbered to /25 What a great looking card! So any of you Giants fan let me know I'll hook you up with this one. My scanner killed the Halman it just doesn't show how great this card looks! This brings me to my next point. I had sent out a few packages to some fellow collectors and they let me know some stuff was headed my way, When I send cards out I really don't expect much in return but it looks like for the I'll be getting my first Mal day to post about and I'm really excited Thanks Waxoholic and Dave for posting what I sent out you guys are great and collectors can learn a lesson that is this when we can get together and send out some cards that we have and don't care to much about why not reach out to a guy who's gonna cherish those cards! With Ebay selling cards for nothing I'd rather them end up in the hands of a true collector that appreciates his team collection. And you may be surprised as to what you get back in return. Anyway Enjoy the pics And let me know if any ones interested in the hits. Thanks for reading. Grant Old school pack buster

Monday, May 18, 2009

MY personall EBAY nightmare

Thanks Guys. with my current 110390302610 listing of the 2 topps 09' sp's and the 6 bonus cards that have a book value of around $160 ( and no I don't go off of beckett! or expect anywhere close to that price at all! ) I feel like giving up it seems as if people have their freinds bid up Items ( or maybe not ) and I don't have that luxury or the Ebay knowledge I need right now to basically give these cards away even though I am fully aware of the market drop in cards on Ebay selling of cards and having to pay for shipping in the end is too much for this collector. I do appreciate the help! maybe thia is not happening but Items are selling on ebay and the same Items IV'e listed are not I don't know what I'm doing wrong? I'm posting this for any input bad or good! Thanks,Grant

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Is it worth Putting on EBAY? Or just hold on to it?

Just pulled this Eric Gordon Relic out of a hardwood box ( probably my best looking patch yet out of hardwood) ( the auto was Elvin Hayes #'D /19) it's Numbered to /25 and has a 3 colored patch with a lot of stitching. Looks like it came out of a letter I guess. And if I was to put it on Ebay what do you guys think it would go for or should I put a buy it now price on it. I have'nt had any luck with Ebay IV'e been giving SP'S away!
? Thanks for any help, Grant

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Ebay's Newest hot error mantle card! LOL

Item number: 120418335636 Is posted as a 09' topps # 7 Mickey Mantle Error card Because it says he played short stop? Well actually he did play some short stop early in his career an every 09' topps series one Mantle card says the same thing so it's not a Short print and Definetly not an Error! I wonder if this Guy is just clueless and actually thinks he's got the Error of all time or is a dick and pulling a fast one? sadly someone will probably buy it! Grant

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

OK which damn topps is the variation?

Either I have 3 variation or 5 I thought the Variation had the old logo and non glossy back on them then I went to Ebay ( c.c. sabathia in yanees uni ) Oboma regular logo! ETC.. an it's the opposite with the regular logo and glossy back that is selling as the variarions if so I'm fine with that have 5 of those and lastely is Mantle a variation or not? this is nutz! LOL Grant thanks for any help.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

07 Sweet spot footnal and baseball creak on I am joe colloector Blog!

Head over to I am joe collectors blog to get in on the break before it's to late.....

2007 Sweet Spot 10 Tin Group Break Football and Baseball
Would you guys and gals mine pimpin these breaks on your blog?BASEBALL10 Tin Break. Randomly Assigned Teams. Trading of teams allowed.Break will occur May 28.$18.50 a team.Send Paypal to stusigpi@hotmail.comThis is regular and not classic.1 Pack per box, 6 Cards per packFind one numbered Sweet Spot Signature per tin on average. Look for the all new Sweet Beginnings Rookie Signatures with a batting helmet on the card, one per tin on average. Find one Dual Sweet Spot Signature and one Sweet Swatch Patch per case. Look for new variation stitching on the Sweet Spot Signatures, including Gold and Silver!Key Rookies: Akinori Iwamura, Alex Gordon, Alexi Casilla, Ryan Rowland-Smith, Daisuke Matsuzaka, Andy Sonnanstine, Andrew Miller, Joakim Soria, Tim Lincecum.PRODUCT BREAKDOWN:Autograph Cards * Sweet Beginnings Rookie Signatures 1 per tin* Sweet Spot Signatures Red Stitch - Numbered to 299 or 99* Sweet Spot Signatures Gold Stitch - Numbered to 99 or 25* Sweet Spot Signatures Silver Stitch - Numbered to jersey #* Sweet Spot Signatures Red/Blue Stitch - Numbered to 15 or 5* Sweet Spot Signatures Black Stitch - Numbered to 1* Sweet Spot Signatures Glove Leather - Numbered to 75 or 25* Sweet Spot Signatures Black Glove Leather - Numbered to 25 or 15* Sweet Spot Signatures Glove Leather Ink Change - Numbered to 25 or 10* Sweet Spot Signatures Black Glove Leather Ink Change - Numbered to 5* Sweet Spot Signatures Glove Leather Ink Change 2 - Numbered to 1* Sweet Spot Signatures Black Glove Leather Ink Change 2 - Numbered to 1* Sweet Spot Signatures Bat Barrel Silver Ink - Numbered to 25 or 15* Sweet Spot Signatures Bat Barrel Blue Ink - Numbered to jersey #* Sweet Spot Signatures Bat Barrel Red Ink - Numbered to 5* Sweet Spot Signatures Bat Barrel Gold Ink - Numbered to 1* Sweet Spot Signatures Black Bat Barrel Silver Ink - Numbered to 25 or 10* Sweet Spot Signatures Black Bat Barrel Red Ink - Numbered to 5* Sweet Spot Signatures Black Bat Barrel Gold Ink - Numbered to 1* Sweet Spot Dual Signatures Red Stitch - Numbered to 15* Sweet Spot Dual Signatures Gold Stitch - Numbered to 10* Sweet Spot Dual Signatures Silver Stitch - Numbered to 5* Sweet Spot Dual Signatures Black Stitch - Numbered to 1* Sweet Spot Dual Signatures Glove Leather - Numbered to 15* Sweet Spot Dual Signatures Black Glove Leather - Numbered to 10* Sweet Spot Dual Signatures Glove Leather Silver Ink - Numbered to 1* Sweet Spot Dual Signatures Black Glove Leather Silver Ink - Numbered to 1Memorabilia, Parallels and Insert Cards * Sweet Swatch Memorabilia 2 per tin* Sweet Swatch Patch - Numbered to 25Regular Cards" 100 Regular Cards - Numbered to 850Redemption cards expire 11/23/2009Checklist Here1. I Am Joe Collector (host)2. I Am Joe Collector (host)3. Sooz (paid)4. Sooz (paid)5. Doubleplay6. thenennthinning7. thenennthinning8. Freeandylaroche9. Pop Startled (paid)10.Pop Startled (paid)1112131415161718192021222324252627282930.FootballThis Break will Happen regardless of whether it fills up all the way, i will pick up all the slack on my own dime. I am shooting for the 28th as the group break day. If you want to grab a spot and pay in a few days, thats ok.I will let you know when I am going to collect the money. I want to let this fill up a bit before I collect the cash.18.50 a team? Trading allowed. Send to Normal rundown of a group break. Everything done and posted on youtube.Configuration: 1 pack per tin/box. 6 cards per pack. Checklist found Here2 jersey + 2 auto + 2 base = 6 cardsCONTENT HIGHLIGHTS* Find more content than before in 2007 Sweet Spot Football!!* All Sweet Spot Signatures printed on rainbow foil board!* Look for a Rookie Sweet Spot Signature and a 2nd serial numbered Sweet Spot Signature or Sweet Pigskin Autograph in every tin!PRODUCT BREAKDOWNAutograph Cards - All serial numbered* Sweet Spot Sigs* Sweet Spot Sigs Gold Parallel* Sweet Spot Sigs Variation* Sweet Spot Pigskin Sigs* Sweet Spot Pigskin Gold Parallel Sigs* Sweet Spot Pigskin Sigs Variation* Sweet Spot Rookie Sigs Parallel* Sweet Spot Pigskin Dual SigsMemorabilia, Parallels, and Insert Cards* Sweet Swatch Jersey* Sweet Swatch Patch - Serial numberedRegular Cards and Rookies - Serial numbered* Regular Cards(100)* Sweet Spot Signatures1. I Am Joe Collector (host)2. I Am Joe Collector (host)3. Holy Hitter (paid)4. Groat5. Groat6. 7. 8. Grant (Paid)9. Grant (Paid)1011121314151617181920212223242526272829303132
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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Lakers Suck and so do there fans!

Ok they really don't suck ( got your attn though) but as a Blazers fan I hate them because they are so good. On the other hand In the next few Years the tide will change in the Western Conference and I'll bet my Top 5 cards The blazers will be a Franchise that dominates the conference. possibly the league I'll go as far as saying they will make at least 1-2 appearences to the finals and win one within the next 5 Years hopefully within 3. As far as Getting past the Rockets no problem ( I hope! ) and facing the Lakers should be intersting because the Lakers Defense is not as strong against Roy and aldrige as Houston ( living of fouls) does Yoa ming ever get called for his fn flagrant hits? and then stare down Oden! If oden hit Yoa he would shatter into little bits if chow mein. . So All you Lakers fans can hate me now that's fine it's a Mutal fun loving Rivalry. Any one who's up for it and thinks the lakers will sweep the blazers and if they do I'll send you a Kobe GU'S and you can find me a Roy ( most underated player in the NBA hands down and someone plase disagree with me on that one) or aldrige or any blazer in return! so the bets are welcome I got the Kobe ready and it's buried so I don't have to look at his ugly ( One of the best player in years) FN Face all the time. LMK if anyone's game! RIP CITY Bitches! LOL Grant And BTW in all seriousness I was saddened that Mutombo had to leave the game at the Rose garden and retire He's been a joy to watch over the years even when he stole the playoffs from the Sonics now the thunderbolts or omaha tornadoes I'm not sure! Here's a PIC to remind you all how FD up you lakers fans are LMFAO! ( till I get a Giant Blazers tatooed on my arm which is god damn stupid what if I had a sonics tatoo what the F would I do now! Grant

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Possibly my best first ht of 09'

I'm posting this one as my best hit of 09' simply because it's a Mariners card and I could'nt pull a decent M'S card last year to save my life but I guess having a line up of stars yankees ETC... ( hate em! an thier billions!) anyway I pulled this pretty sweet looking 09 heritage black bordered refractor Ichiro so I thought I'd share my excitement. Looking at ebay these cards and this card are pretty hot right now I'm not sure how last years sold when they came out. But I don't think I could sell this one. Any thoughts on wif I should sell this insead of my Bowman mike Stanton propsects chrome Auto? any suggestions would beb great I might part with my Sports legends Aikman/nolan Ryan signature connects dual auto 17/25 not sure bout that one though. thanks for taking a look. thinking about putting this Douglas 5/5 on ebay but have no clue what to expect to get for it any Ideas out there? Grant

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Here's my 3 hits from a hobby box of 08 SP Authentics. The Votto's not bad at all pretty nice card Except it's #'D /999 the highest Possible hit. As far as the others I'm not a huge Pirates or Giants fan But I'm pretty sure Steve Holm is not a great R/C jersey auto pull and a By the letter of #/50 of Tom Gorzelanny? no offense but Why do they make such low numbered By the #'s hits of (I'm sorry and someone can correct me if I'm wrong An irrelavent player and certainly as far as collecting is concerned) anyone one who's trying to put together The I in Pirates? (I'm assuming that's it cuz its not his name) let me know it's urs as well as any Steve holm fans. Overall not bad I got a by the #'s card regardless and two R/C Jersy auto's so I can't complain too much . The Base and Match ups were not all that bad only one Duplicate and that was a Jeter ( even though I'm not a fan) But not one Griffey or Ichiro card ? no mariners at all. any way enjoy the pics and thanks for reading

Please help a fellow blogger on selling on EBAY

Iv'e been recently pondering how to sell some of my cards on ebay. I was thinking about going in the sell in the lot direction. I recently sold a lot of celtics cards which included 4 GU'S and 2 legends auto's of Parish and Arnie Risen. I ended up only getting $18 for the lot which included some reaaly good cards the point is the two Auto's woul'd have sold for more then the whole lot did but I did'nt put a reserve on it and ended up going out of town before I could end the lot sale or extend it. In all of your opinions the single's ( no Clue ) I have that are auto or jersey auto'd. Is selling in lots by teams a good idea? y product,player,ETC... ? just looking for a little deedback before I go out and sell blindly and get screwed. I do realize it's a buyers market and I'm taking that into account and I don't sell at BV ( like some idiots). But I'm just looking at getting a fair value for some pretty good cards. Hell I'm not even sure what the rule of thumb is as far as BV VS. ebay sales 20%? lesss ? I'm selling just to get a few xtra bucks and possible get some singles off ebay I want an maybe some hobby boxes from 09'. Thanks for all of your help if you respond I'd appreciate it. Grant

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Kmart blaster the jokes on me! have to read

K all the posings of the good deal on blaster and before I start ( I was worned by a blogger the math did'nt work) so this is m stupid curiosity heres what I gat 4 boxes of 07 Baseball Masterpieces/ wto boxes of 07 futures stars two boxes of Icons footbal heres what I pulled

07 masterpiece one greenn bordered lincicum and some decent rookies
07 future stares NOTHING but 1 Micah parallel
08 icons footbal NOTHING

this was around #75 give or take great price for 8 blasters no not one hit I could'd have bought a hobby box down the street and got at least three hits of something! lesson learned. I'm a glutant for punishment though ( it's that oh great dea gotta get it now before they run out syndrme sum of have!) Sad lots of trade bait I guess since I did get every decent masterpiece rookie. Grant old school pack buster

Friday, February 27, 2009

Nice little pull out of a blaster!

I was suprised to find this in a blaster yesterday Iv'e been waiting for the 09's and grabbed the last box of UH'S to bust something. Iv'e never pulled a relic or auto out of ths set but I like it for the price so Iv'e picked some up here and there lately. Thanks for reading anyone interested in this one LMK. Grant

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

WFT does Ryan have to do to make becketts standards?

My freind called me all excited about this apperent huge increase fior his Joba gold topps UH 313 I was like cool check ryan brauns topps chrome copper 113 guess what? not in there? Why .324 in 07 ROY 34 homers an not a bad 08' Via the all-starting position ? 5 awards in 07 2 in 08'. If he was an FN yankee ( sorry) he'd be in beckett and BTW FUC* beckett and the fucknut publishers they rode in on. Yes chris I said it. Please respond and don't include ur FN resume does not impress me. just keep rookies and Jeter in ur mag ul be fine. Grant

Monday, February 23, 2009

Griffey clean or not? Thats the ?

Only two days left to vote in Jr'S clean or not if so he's quite possible one of the best in our ERA! ( but I'm biased and I voted twice for clean) I'm just dying to know what all of you think about this without the damn injuries 600 would have past a log tme ago. Shoe in for the HOF? LMK. Grant check the bottom of my page to vote... thanks for taking the time and thanksto the bloggers on the right for supporting my blog.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thank you Ken Griffey Jr.

My day could not have been better, got an auto out of stadium club buying two packs of Masahide Kobayashi then hearing that my favorite player is coming back to where I watched him play and become one of the most respected players in my eyes back in Seattle! What can I say I'm just happy, I was also worried that some jackass would take away the franchsise ( like the sonics ) from a town that adore's thier teams. where some of the most underated players come from the Pacific northwest, curse I guess. anyway I love it. sorry to the Atlanta fans, but griffey belongs here, just my humble opinion can't wait to get that 1st card back in the M's uniform hopefully in a throwback pitchfork design but now I'm dreaming. Grant

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Please help my blog grow!

I just got back into colecting from the 80'S-91. about a year ago I started again and this blogging is great if any of you could help me grow my blog Id appreciate it I encourage you to disagree just as much as if you agree with me and no topic is off limits! thanks for hping out as I am trying to learn about all this and many of you have more to offer me as I have to offer you. Of cousre I will add your blog to my favororites if you subscibe the more we all have the better.

Sincerely, Grant -

Monday, February 16, 2009

Box break 08' Leaf Rookies and Stars

Got a good price on this box so I picked it up and it came in today. I'm just ganna list the Rookies and paralles so this should'nt take long!

RC'S base 4 total out of a hobby box FCKG sweet
#'d 999 will franklin/craig stevens/Curtis Lofton/Erin Henderson ?

Sleve slaton cross training #'D to 1,000 LOL
Darren McFadden Studio Rookies #'D to 1,000 LOL
Vince young gold stars awsome a lower numered card at 500!
Tim hightower RC #'D 249 its getting better
John Kitna #'D to 249
Derk anderson #'D to 99
and a Deven hester #'D to 49

1st hit. A redemptiom for a Kenny Phillips auto #'D to 99
Malcome Kelly jersey # to 250 freshman orientation
Joe Flacco cross training jersey #d to 250
and a Laveranues coles jersey #'D 10/10 ! woo hoo

I don't even know what to say about this box! anyone intersted in a laveranues coles jersey 10/10 let me know!

thanks for reading I'm not buying any Leaf anymore nor do I remember Y I did in the 1st place but the cole card is good looking I'm not a giants or Jets fan so this box was not for me. I'll just bash Beckett for awhile and I'll feel better.

08'-09' topps hardwood break 2/16

just got in my 1st hoby box of the year of 08'-09' topps hardwood. I decided on this product I suppose because of the low case output and the look of the cards. The overall product in my opinion is pretty good I liked the feel of the cards good standard base cards and the parallels are pretty good looking. This could be a hit or miss product since well probably not see another set of these or any other NBA licenced product next year I don't know how well the set will do? Here's a run down of what I got. No so called Mojo hits ( I will never use that word again!) but some nice hits from a over all good product.

Base - not one duplicate good range of players

celtics fans would like this box - Pierce/allen/garnett/bird/russell all base
Iverson/Roy/nash/Gervan&duncan back to back/Durant/paul & same other notables

Rookie base #'D to 2009

Love/chalmers/B lopez/ R. lopez/Rudy Fernandez/speights/ B. Rush/westbrood/ J thompson/gallinari/augustin/hibbert/randolph/Rose/Beasley/Mayo/Bayless that covers the top ten I think LOL.

Parallels #'D to 299 RC'S Chalmers/Rose/Alexander
Vets & current G. Wallace/Isiah thomas/D. Williams/E. Curry/R. Lewis/

Paralles #'D to 175 RC's B. Rush/Koufos/David West
vet Isiah thomas

Mahogany #D to 75 Rudy Fernandez RC : ) / Mike connely / David Robinson : )

The Hits?

Two Relics #'D to 175 Chauncey Billups & Kevin Garnett

and the Auto 33/39 Sam perkins

Not any huge hits but I liked the Auto from Perkins from his sonics days, I got all of my blazers except oden which I might but off ebay since this product is going up in price.

let me know what you think and if there's anything you like thanks for reading. Grant

Friday, February 13, 2009

RAZOR oval office Criminal act!

I just posted this in regards to the GW pull out of Razor ( detroy history) oval offive #1 who FN pays 2400+ a pack for these? # 2 how may documents are being destroyed by this?

With all these icons of american history auto’s being put into baseball cards just shows that money rules and I hope that when all of these are put out the people buying these understand that their value will diminish, It’s sad. things like this belong in musuems not in basball cards. If your goinng to spend $2,000.00+ for a card I guess I’m happy you got a good one beings these documents the auto's are on that have been destroyed for a hobby card don't get me wrong their out there so if you pull one and actually get your $'s worth good for you but I dont think people in general realize these cards will not sell for what they think they might. Grant

Steriods! please tell me Griifeys clean!

Basically as a youngster until now my generation of basball card collecting and baseball in general is tarnished or is it? If every star player was proven to be on whatever enhancing drugs are out there would it null the cheating effect? If any old time player was asked if they would have used these in the game if others were to stay stars do you think they had such a moral high ground lift then the players now? No, they did'nt In fact all of out former HOF players could have easily used methamphetamines ETC.. Not that they did but a thought. I feel cheated because of how history will probably look at this generation of players and the fans who worshiped them. On a final note My favorite player is Ken Griifey JR. and I hope to god he isn't liked to any of the allegations the man had to many years taken away by injuries in my opinion to be on any steriods hence the long rehabilition from those injuries. As this arod thing hit I'm just not sure how to think about all of this. Grant

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

your opinions 08/09' topps VS. UD basketball

wanted to get your opinion between the 08-09 upper deck Basketbak and the 08-09 topps
I love the photography on the topps and the 58' versions are nice. I could do without in the genes and the massive duplicates Iv'e been getting. For the upper deck I'm glad they went with an all photo card with no destractions I'm not impressed with the true talents inserts at all. I think the topps has more to offer as far as Auto's. Any input would be great hope you all get those pulls your dreaming about!. Grant

another discusting box break from Beckett

This ones topps tripple threads and forgive me if I get the print run wrong I'm just getting more pissed at this BS beckett and the Manf. ( WE KEEP IN BUSINESS! ) Joe montana 4 rings 6 watch #'d 1 out of 6 !! / aikman triple swatch #'d 3/17 /Avery Prime RC 3 swatch auto #'d to 25 / dustin keller prime R/C 3 swatch #'d to 89 / and a 1of 1 T.J yellow preinting plate. and this break is a lot better worse then some of the cards they pulled preciously remember were not going to get these cards and their hand selectcted to got to beckett. there's are a lot of us fed up with this I wont by these high end prducts or beckett bcuz it's worthless just watch how mucjh more they calue that montana card!. this is serious and anyone who is concerned way in lets all work together to stop this immoral theft of our cards and the nazi like push becketts puling.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hello to all

Hello to all, My name is Grant I just got back into the hobby last year after collcting from 1982-1991. Just set up a blog to discuss the current state of the hobby, product reviews anything to do with the hobby. Eventually, I will be doing pack and box breaks. So feel free to start up any topics you would like to discuss and I will be writing about some issues Iv'e been intersted in as of late soon. Thanks for any responses or topics, While I'm constructing this site. Grant